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Teaming Up in the Testing Lab

Teaming Up in the Testing Lab

Rodger Whipple worked for XDS Holdings, Inc. when the company first began. He was the engineering mind behind most of the dryers we sell today. Though officially retired, Rodger works part time at XDS in Research and Development.

Currently, he’s collaborating with Brennan, a graduate student at UW Madison. The duo will be experimenting with current dryer products over the summer. Rodger had initially sought the insight of Greg Nellis and Sandy Klein, professors in the UW Madison mechanical engineering department. They were then able to connect Rodger with Brennan to create an advantageous relationship for both.

Brennan is working on his master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering. His experimentation with dryers contributes to his academic graduate work in creating a mathematical model describing infrared drying. This in turn, he explained, will allow the swapping of elements in the model theory instead of physical trial and error on the dryers.

Rodger will then be able to test the efficiency of the dryers and make calculated improvements. These results could apply to developing improvements for other drying systems outside of the experiment, making improvements across product lines, and increasing quality control.

The only foreseeable challenge lies in developing the experiment and collecting reliable and useful data within the scheduled time. With the summer months ahead of them, Team XDS trusts that the two will fully be able to learn from the experiments. We wish them luck, patience, and success.