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KleenPlate™ provides on-press continuous plate washing in a variety of modes, drastically reducing print defects and reducing dot-bridging and dot-gain, reducing waste and rejected product.

Operators no longer need to stop the press to wash plates, or worse, attempt to wash while the press is running.  Exclusive WetKleen feature also allows for deep cleaning or end of the run plate washup.   ​


IrAIR+ Infrared Drying Systems

IrAIR+™ Infrared Drying Systems are built with safety at the forefront.  Exclusive Sentinel technology will alert and/or shutdown in the event of a web jam or break.  Critical dryer components are designed to remain below auto-ignition temperature of paper, further reducing risk of fire.  Highest energy density enables rapid drying in compact space at high speed.  Operator focused, available quick change cassettes or lamps make for quick and easy maintenance.  Operator programmable touchscreen allows for job recall, feedback for critical temperatures, and system optimization.  Adaptive dryer control allows for optimized energy usage, saving you money. 

IrAIR+ Infrared Drying Systems
IrAIR+ Infrared Drying Systems
InKomand™ Ink Management System

InKomand™ Ink Management System

Today's press operators are under extreme pressure to do more with less.  Flexo inks are designed to run optimally from 66-74 degrees F.  By continuously adjusting temperature, pH and viscosity are maintained at optimal levels and minimal dosing is required over longer periods.  


Optimized ink means consistent color density, quality print, and higher productivity.  Happier crews and rapid ROI rule the day!

Ink Cloud

UV LED Curing

XDS is the exclusive integrator for litho and custom applications.  State of the art LED UV arrays from Phoseon Technology coupled with XDS integrated control systems and engineering make for turn-key installations and exceptional after-sales support.  New to LED?—Access our network of partners for inks, coatings, specialty rollers, fountain solutions, and exceptional support. 

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LED Sheet Litho

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We strive for best in class products that outperform customer expectations, with an eye for details, we make our products easy to use and troubleshoot.

UV Led Curing
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